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Scottish Wild Country Backpacking

Scottish Wild Country Backpacking


Stunning backpacking routes in the Scottish Highlands and Islands are covered in this inspiring, large-format guidebook. 30 routes are described, ranging from 1-4 days, with most suitable for a long weekend. The routes are divided between the Western Highlands and Inner Hebrides, the Central and Eastern Highlands, the Northwest Highlands, the Far North and the Outer Hebrides. They are suitable for those with the experience and self-reliance to navigate proficiently and stay safe in an environment which can easily become inhospitable. Although some routes visit bothies, most call for at least one night's wild camping.

Each walk includes overview data, route description and 1:100,000 mapping and they are illustrated with stunning photos. An introduction offers background information about the Highlands' rich geology, plants and wildlife and the historical and cultural context of Scotland's 'wilderness'. There is also practical information on preparing for a trip and advice for those looking to expand their experience of wild-country backpacking.

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland are home to the most ruggedly beautiful, expansive and challenging backpacking country in the British Isles. This is a land for those who love open spaces, vast horizons, and the domination of nature.

No of Pages: 256
Page Size: 220 x 240 mm



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