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Zycie na Arranie - "A life on Arran, that is when mackerels come"?

Zycie na Arranie - "A life on Arran, that is when mackerels come"?


An Arran guide for the Polish community and visitors.  Completely in Polish.


Arran is treated as a paradise by many. By reading the book you discover much enough about the island to judge, if it’s a well-deserved label.

Why do Arranites check weather websites fanatically?

Why are red squirrels here so special, sea turtles desirable and cows look like yaks?

Who can you meet on a golf course?

Do Arran inhabitants still believe in ghosts?

Why is everyone so busy in summer?

Are the Arran mountains safe?

When can you see caber toss and in which occasion the Scots gather around huge bonfires?

What is the biggest islander nightmare? 

Are the people of Arran open to new incomers?

DANUTA GRYKA – born in Poznan, AWF (University of Physical Education) graduate. Her biggest hobby – travel – shares with her husband Tomasz. They visited together over 50 countries. In 2004 they went to Ireland and thanks to the oyster farm job they saved for 9 months travel around Asia in the years 2005-2006. She published articles in a popular daily newspaper “The Voice of Greater Poland” and photos in “Poznaj Świat” (Polish monthly travel magazine). In 2009 Danuta published her first book “A book about a beautiful travel”, which had a second edition 8 years later “Indochina. A book about a beautiful travel” in the famous Polish travel series “Poznaj Świat” by Bernardinum publisher. Co-author of slide shows and lectures, including Poznań Travel Club, Tour Salon in The Poznań International Fair, travel fairs in Wrocław and Warsaw. In the years 2008-2009 she travelled 10 months round the world. After this journey the next 2 books were published in the series “Poznaj Świat” by Bernardinum: “A half of the world with a backpack and a husband” and “The rest of the world”. In 2011 she became one of the authors and editors in a magazine “Round the world”. An author of article series about safe traveling. Searching for a perfect place to live, she came with her husband to Isle of Arran in Scotland in 2012, where she still lives and works. Her travel stories can be found on


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