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The Island Handbook

Out in 2024

This is not a coffee table book. 
It's a work horse.

It's for chucking in the car, stuffing in your rucksack and spilling beer over in the bar - the scruffier it goes home, the better visit you'll have had!

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Reserve a copy for £15 (plus p&p)
No obligation to buy. We will email you on the release!

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What is The Arran Almanac?

The Arran Almanac is designed to be a friendly and easy to use companion on your visit to the island.  


It's not a coffee-table book. It's for stuffing in your rucksack, chucking in the car and spilling beer over in the bar. And the scruffier it goes home, the better time you've had!

The compiler and writer, Tony Burrin, lives in Corrie with Lottie the English Setter. Like so many other folk who eventually ended up living on the island in later life, he had been visiting the island 

since childhood. 


He saw his first Golden eagle over the northern An Tunna at the age of fourteen, cut his drinking teeth in the old Perishers' Bar at the Douglas and walked the Coastal Way in 2015.  

In compiling and writing The Arran Almanac, Tony is profoundly grateful to the literally hundreds of folk - on the island, and across the UK and the wider world - who have kindly shared their knowledge and experiences of every aspect of this cracking island. A full list of acknowledgements can be seen

on the Extracts preview below.

A more recent scenario has been the opening of what is now also home to The Arran Almanac, The Wee Bookshop, adjacent to the Village Hall in Corrie. Most definitely a wee - but somewhat charming - bookshop, it specialises in books on Arran, mountains, walking, wildlife and the environment.

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