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Buildings of Arran

Buildings of Arran


'Buildings of Arran' was produced by the Arran Civic Trust. It is an informative guide highlighting architectural, historical and social detail supported by many excellent colour photos. It should be of interest to visitors and locals alike who'd like to know more about the ordinary life of the island as seen through its buildings. The book takes the form of a clockwise, circular tour of Arran suitable for walker, cyclist or driver whose curiosity may be satisfied by brief, informed comment on the buildings easily seen on their journey. 


As well as commenting on the imposing piles, "Buildings of Arran" draws attention to the small but interesting detail of the ordinary houses of Arran reflecting the legacy of the firm of architects JJ Burnet, father and son, who designed many buildings on Arran and provided the Island with its Arts and Crafts heritage. The book stresses the mix of island architecture from Highland clachan to Ayrshire vernacular, Victorian solidity to Marine bungalow and serves to make the reader both better informed and more at home on Arran.

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