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Snow & Rumours of Snow

Snow & Rumours of Snow


Almost seven years in the making, Snow and Rumours of Snow draws its inspiration
from the writer’s experiences of being a long term member of the Holy Isle spiritual
community. While on occasions the author casts his ‘fishing net’ of writing to memories
and places thousands of miles away, the mystery and intrigue of his home island, with
its long Christian spiritual history and retreat experiences within the confines of
retreats, as well as the magnificent surrounding landscapes of the Isle of Arran, are
really the main characters of this collection of prose poems.
The poems are divided into two sections with distinctive themes. The first section has
almost the characteristics of a poetic travelogue, as it mainly focuses on the mind’s
ability (in meditative situations) to drift its attention from things that happen on the
spot to far-away or imagined things within seconds. The second section draws the main
part of its material, like its Greek title Eskhaton suggests, from things and words that
are about the final encounters, about the end.


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